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Works In Real Life
I think I've reached the burned out on school limit. Getting the urge to change majors... hmm.
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I noticed if you started reading about mental illnesses on wikipedia, its almost like as if you have them. Truly a bad influence XD ; or I could be weak minded. heh
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Here's to another incredibly uneventful year and etc.
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I would be lying if the anarchist in me isn't giddy about the on-going cataclysm today. But there are other important considerations :)

oh oh, the minor drama of 777.68 and the jewish new year is fun too. Religion is fun to watch.
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700 billion is sure a lot of money, how much does that mean everyone have to pay back in taxes anyway?

Someday, I wish I can what a riot is like ^^
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I wonder who's out there and planning to buying spore right now, I'm just waiting for the DRM drama to happen. :)

And when they find out they have to call in support paying... $2? / min to reactivate their game. genius.
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First day of class, homework due next meeting; and everyone scrambles out to get supplies XD

I wonder if this is how those overpriced art stores stay in business.. when students rush to get their supplies for their next class. Then again, art classes are always more expensive than most regular classes with a textbook. heh. between all the extra course materials fee's and all those supplies that they always seem to want s specific brand (for consistency of course) wee...

Compared to my C class which hasn't done a thing yet. other than introductions. :P
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Summer is finally over, and I'm kinda glad its over, now that school is starting again I don't have to be around the family drama at home. Then again, can't stay up anymore... aside from over night homework. meh.

Wonder why they don't release any good games over the summer, is there some kind of benefit of releasing games after school starts when people don't have time to play? eh... At least there was Comiket 74 even, if they're all indie games they were fun, very polished and had good music to boot. Played Touhou 11 ~ Subterranean Animism and DiadraEmpty which were fun if you don't mind the difficulty, enough to keep my mind off things at least :P worth a try ^^

And... somehow I managed to pull my gultious maximus.. somehow.. ow.

I bet everyone else had more fun with their summer—
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My cat was sort of old, 17-18 years old. We were treating it for kidney failure but unfortunately it didn't go well, and the family decided to put him to sleep. There's always that nagging feeling if there was more one could do; but usually always entailed with large sums of money. Puting forth the idea maybe only the affluent should own pets? what a sad idea.

One can't help if the idea of puting your pet to sleep is akin to execution though, to ease the burden and fustration taking care of a horribly ill pet. But quality care is just that hard to get, plus, what's done is done, dwelling on possibilities past its time won't do any good.

Can't say if "he's in a better place now", really don't know, and that's such a self-serving term anyway.

Right now, I'd rather sleep on the idea.

Goodbye Kitty.
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Spore is definite proof that male parts are universally more interesting than female parts.

Now if there's sign if the game is worth more than the surface value of the creature making bit...
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