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My Cat is Dead. - Works In Real Life
My Cat is Dead.
My cat was sort of old, 17-18 years old. We were treating it for kidney failure but unfortunately it didn't go well, and the family decided to put him to sleep. There's always that nagging feeling if there was more one could do; but usually always entailed with large sums of money. Puting forth the idea maybe only the affluent should own pets? what a sad idea.

One can't help if the idea of puting your pet to sleep is akin to execution though, to ease the burden and fustration taking care of a horribly ill pet. But quality care is just that hard to get, plus, what's done is done, dwelling on possibilities past its time won't do any good.

Can't say if "he's in a better place now", really don't know, and that's such a self-serving term anyway.

Right now, I'd rather sleep on the idea.

Goodbye Kitty.
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