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Works In Real Life
Now I wonder where the hell I can learn about directx / opengl api's I want to make a gaaaaame XD But I probably should properly get a hang of coding again before trying to jump into something like that.. heh but so. many. choices... :P

When you realize there's so much crap you want to do and Inevitably become dejected at one's inability. boo.

And now I've reminded myself how long its been I've last touched a piano.... gah! XP
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All I remember in the recent time frame is something that goes like this:

school sleep school sleep cram rush school ^^;

I'm sure there's plenty to do out there, but... between everything and some recent events(hi franck! XD ) , everything seems so boring ^^; boo.

Something fun needs to happen.
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Summer classes are over. (yay)

Found out Fall semester starts much sooner than expected... about a month earlier XD (I stiiiilll have soooo many things to do! noooooo! I'm too young to die...!)

oh well, my own fault for not reading clearly. XP

Current Music: V&B - Waltz for Ariah (long ver.)

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huh… what to do with this space?

Current Mood: indescribable
Current Music: ZUN - Necrophantasia

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